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7 Best UV Sterilizer Aquariums for Freshwater and Saltwater

Anyone with an aquarium knows how important filtration is to keep the system clean. However, there is one thing that aquarium filters cannot get rid of and that is microorganisms. These very small creatures usually give the water a greenish color and occur as a result of external factors such as contaminated water and decomposing the […]

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10 Best Filters for Turtle Tank – Reviews and Buying Guide

Turtles are very cute animals but at the same time, very messy. This is quite extreme to the extent that some turtle owners come to the conclusion that these creatures prefer living in dirty, murky waters. Well, turtles can live in dirty waters but this isn’t necessarily what’s best for them. Additionally, if the water is […]

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7 Best LED Lighting for Reef Tank – Reviews and Buying Guide

Just like in the natural environment, reefs require light to grow. They may look like rocks but they are colorful, living ecosystems that add a lot of character to your marine tank. While there are many lighting options to consider for reef tanks, LED is probably the best option because the technology is energy efficient and […]

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7 Best LED Light for Planted Tanks – Reviews & Buying Guide

Any type of aquarium needs proper lighting for several reasons, key among them being to draw the attention of everyone who walks in. For planted tanks, this will help display the colors green, red and others that characterize aquarium plants. However, lighting is particularly important for planted tanks because of photosynthesis. Since planted aquariums are placed indoors, […]

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10 Best LED Aquarium Lightings – Reviews and Buying Guide

LED lighting has become the most commonly used technology in almost all lighting products. In modern aquariums, this lighting has become the norm too. They not only look fancy but also have some very important features. Key among these features is efficiency. Though expensive to buy, LEDs are very energy efficient and will help you save […]

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10 Best Betta Fish Tanks in 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are a very popular choice in aquariums. They are colorful and have magnificent fins that improve their character as well as that of the fish tank. However, the “fighting” in their name is not placed there by accident. They are known to be highly aggressive when housed in […]

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